​​​​​​​​What is the Funeral Society of Mid-Florida, Inc.? 

The purpose of the Funeral Society is to encourage ​simplicity, dignity,​ and economy in funeral arrangements,​ and to ​promote ​these objectives through ​educational programs. It is a totally ​volunteer, non-profit, ​non-denominational ​organization open to everyone and ​advocating pre-planning so ​that complicated and costly ​decisions do not need to be made at a time of stress.

Volunteers give information about funeral planning (discussion with family and friends on funeral arrangements is recommended). Members receive information on the cooperating funeral director.  Members of the public email  us at fsmfla@gmail.com or call 386-804-5640 for information.

Funeral Society of Mid Florida, Inc. will. . .

· . . . promote, through education and by example, dignity and simplicity in funeral arrangements.

· . . . by encouraging prearrangement, eliminate the emotional stress that occurs in the family, due to the lack of time.

· . . . help the family to be confident that they are honoring your wishes. A choice of simplicity should not be mistaken for lack of respect.

· . . . offer the service of a cooperating funeral director with facilities that cover Volusia, and parts of Flagler, and Lake counties. Complete cost and service schedule is available on request.  Prices and services subject to change with notice.

You can . . .

· . . . arrange for simple services and procedures as being desirable and entirely adequate.

· . . . request memorial services to be held at a time and place convenient to the family.
· . . . inform your family and/or probable survivors about your membership and its benefits, so your wishes are understood and confusion avoided. It is suggested that you carry your membership card with you at all times.

· . . . move or travel. There are more than 100 affiliates throughout the U.S. Your membership entitles you to transfer to any one for a modest fee. Should death occur away from this area, the nearest reciprocating group will be available to provide similar services.

Members meet once a year in January to conduct business. The Society's day to day business is conducted by volunteers and managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected annually.